Introduction into the Paranormal: Ghosts & Spirits

Stories of ghosts and the paranormal have been told and spread for ages, establishing a prominent place in folklore, but what exactly are these mysterious beings? Well, to put it generally, ghosts are believed to be the souls of deceased people and animals that still linger here on Earth. And they take on numerous names such as spirit, shadow, phantom, poltergeist, anomalies, demons, and the list goes on…They can be described as invisible or translucent, shadows or shapes, mists or fog, and dark or light-colored. Really, there’s no limit on how you might view them.

Though visual manifestations are extremely compelling, that’s not the only way to communicate or encounter them. Another popular way they make their presence known is through their voice. Paranormal investigators and most of the internet call this “electronic voice phenomenon”, capturing them on voice recorders or spirit boxes through the static, pulling from different frequencies and/or stations, though it’s not uncommon to hear these voices in real time. A reason why this type of evidence can be amusing is because a lot of the time, they are responding to a comment or question asked from someone, though every EVP is never certain, for they are at the discretion of those that caught the voice(s). There are various classes of EVP, their characteristics are described below:

  • Class A. Typically these are EVP’s that are clear, easily understand, and distinguishable.
  • Class B. This kind can be described as syllables or sounding farther away and are a little harder to make out.
  • Class C. Obviously, these are far harder to understand and are low in volume and are not very clear.

Unfortunately, the source of this phenomena is unknown, though there are various theories.

Another form of communication can come forward more on the mental and physical side, which are far more intense if you or someone you know have experienced these first hand. The feeling of a hand or tugging and pulling or simply touching are only a few examples as well as feeling cold spots or random drops in temperature. Certain smells or odors can possibly arise in the air if a ghost or entity is near or around. Mentally, it has been said and reported that people can experience overwhelming feelings of sadness or sorrow and even anger, altering their mood in that moment. This type of communication can be on the dangerous side, depending on the situation.

How about a few quick facts?

Ghosts (generally) are believed to have the capability to attach themselves to people, maybe just to look out for a loved one, though sometimes, the intent can be much darker. It is up for debate about whether or not all types of ghosts and spirits have this trait.

Some believe that ghosts are ‘lost’ or ‘wandering’ souls who haven’t found their way into the afterlife and are stuck. Other’s believe their lingering is intentional and remain because of ‘unfinished business.’

This doesn’t have much to do with ghosts themselves, but I just found it interesting and kind of uplifting to know that almost half of Americans (about 43 percent) believe in ghosts.


Since the 1st Century, countless reports of the poltergeist have been spread globally. Poltergeists are believed and said to be a version of ghosts that are of the intelligent kind, but are not so ‘friendly.’ They are known for causing physical disturbances, such as broken objects or movement of those various objects. These ghosts can also be pretty dangerous as they are capable of doing physical harm to people and animals. For example, they can bite, push, trip, maybe even scratch. Often, objects can be seen levitating or floating. They can be thrown or pushed, increasing the risk of potential bodily harm.

Though there are many that believe in the existence of the poltergeist, others are convinced they are easily hoaxed…and there is some truth to this as there are multiple accounts where people were caught in this act of deceit. One of them being the infamous story of the ‘Enfield Poltergeist’ which took place in Enfield Town in the United Kingdom, between 1977 and 1979. It involved two girls, age 11 and 13. While some believed the incident to be one hundred percent truth, others were not buying it to which skeptics Anita Gregory and John Beloff eventually found proof/evidence that the girls were in fact hoaxing the incident in order to attract media and reporters. Note: The incident is likely still being thought of as real and as a hoax.  I am not claiming for sure that it was indeed fake or that it was real.

Here are a just a few of the things that every believer (and even non-believer) should know…

For starters, something that I found hard to wrap my head around at first, was that people-focused poltergeists enjoy messing with women, rather than men. I know…Wtf? Though this isn’t always the case, adolescent females who are emotionally and/or mentally struggling tend to be a common target for them. Those dealing with an immense amount of stress may attract these malevolent forces easier as well. After hearing this, I’m definitely going to try to minimize my stress…*wink*

Even though I mentioned this briefly, let’s talk about how they like to mess with your belongings…A LOT. Just imagine your favorite vase breaking, hearing the glass shatter against the wall, but without any idea at all how it happened. I know I wouldn’t be too merry about my favorite wine bottle randomly breaking out of nowhere… As anyone would expect, no one knows exactly how this happens, but the why is pretty obvious as they are very mischievous and love the chaos.

Most of the time (not always the case, of course as any spirit can be unpredictable), they act and cause trouble during the day. Although, typically, these acts occur when no one is paying attention. Basically, they like to be sneaky and usually, mission accomplished!

Of course, there’s a large population of non-believers or skeptics, but for those that do believe or have had experiences likely experience, see, and/or connect with ghosts differently from others. And that’s kind of what makes each experience so unique – none of them are exactly the same.

Thank You For Reading. As always, you can share your experiences in the comments below!


Photo by Brenkee of Pixabay
This article is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License
This article is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Disclaimer: The information above is a combination of prior knowledge and research. No works were copied or plagiarized, only referenced. While anyone is welcome to comment, I attempt to make this a positive and friendly community where we can share our experiences. Any derogatory or negative comment(s) will be deleted. As always, reader discretion is advised.

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