Personal Ghost Experiences

The following stories are mixed of some told by people I know and some that I have personally experienced. There’s plenty of them, so enjoy…

The Woman in Lavender

To this day, my mother still shares this story with me, swearing up and down that it happened and it’s still a story that I love hearing. In my childhood home when I was three, my mother and I were watching television in the middle of the day. It was an average day, perfectly normal until we look over into the room next to us. The both of us saw this woman, I believe it was a young woman (I don’t remember this event) and she wore a lavender dress and she was just ‘glided’ across that floor. My mother also said I looked up at her and asked “Did you see that?”

Distraught Baby

When I was an infant, one night my mother claimed to have heard a baby crying from upstairs (where I was at in my crib). So as she rushed up the stairs, she realized and saw that I was sound asleep. And she believes the cry she heard could of been the ghost of a distressed baby.

Mistaken Identity

I don’t think I was around when this occurred, but my father, my mother, and her brother (my uncle) were sleeping downstairs. My uncle was sleeping on the couch and my father and mother were both sleeping on the floor (maybe an air mattress) with a blanket over their heads. One moment, while my uncle was asleep, they both thought that he was standing over them, maybe about to prank them, because my uncle was pretty known for pulling jokes and pranks. My dad looked over at my mother and said “Watch this”, then he jumped up, but found my uncle asleep on the couch. No one else was around, so no one was actually standing over them.

Presence at the Gate

This took place quite a long time ago at nighttime, outside, and the back patio light was on. My whole family and I were hanging out there (don’t remember exactly why). Beside the house, we had an old wired fence that was lined with skinny trees. There was a gate that connected from that fence to one side of the house near where we were. The porch barely gave off enough light for it to stretch that far to the side. Well, one moment everything is normal and the next, all of us are freaking out because it looked like and felt like there was this black mass just…there, not moving. It was hard to make out, because there wasn’t much light there. But whatever it was, needless to say, it scarred me…

Broken Glass

During a bright and sunny afternoon years ago, my mother had picked me up from school. When we came home, we noticed that our sliding glass door was broken from the inside. Now, it was on the inside, on the side of the door that doesn’t open and has a double layer. It freaked us out pretty good, because resting by the shattered glass on the floor was a tennis ball. No one else was home, it was just me and my mother. It couldn’t of been someone passing by and vandalizing, because it wasn’t on the outside. To this day, we still have no clue how it happened, for it is completely unexplained.

Midnight Shadow Man

This is a story that happened when I was twelve or thirteen, taking place in my childhood home as well (most of these do). It was in the summer time and the second floor above us became so hot, we could rarely stand going up there. My father, my mother, and I slept downstairs the majority of the time. On one of these nights as my father slept on the couch, my mother was on the love seat, and I slept on the floor, I woke up at midnight on the dot. I just randomly woke from a deep sleep and I saw that our utility room light was on. (The way our doorways lined up made it to where you could see straight down to the kitchen and utility room.) I peeked down that hallway and I saw a solid black figure, likely of a man probably seven feet tall, moving back and forth in front of the doorway. Of course, I froze, not knowing at all what to do, but to stare at it. It continued to just pace back and forth, unaware that I’m just staring it down. I still remember it as if was yesterday and it still freaks me out that it even happened…


This past year (2018), my mother and stepfather bought a new house, one that is known to be apart of a long string of slave houses along the river. This last Halloween was quite eventful for them..Now, my mother is a believer and my stepfather is a skeptic, though his freaked even him. A child come up to their door trick-or-treating and asked her how she got down the stairs so fast. She had no idea why asked that because she wasn’t upstairs. The child says that he saw her upstairs in their window…This freaked out my mother, so they decided to take some pictures on the stairway and in their living room. This is what they caught…

More Recently…

For awhile now, I’d say around a few months ago, some odd began happening to me. When I’d go to sleep, I’d wake up to my bed vibrating vigorously, without an explanation. Living in a apartment complex, I tried everything I could to debunk it but to no avail as I then realized that it was only my bed that would vibrate, thus knocking out a lot of possible explanations. One night, I nudged my boyfriend while he was sleeping as the bed again began to vibrate, and asked if he could sense it, as it was happening at the foot of the bed. While I was feeling it intensly, he wasn’t which made my suspisions worsen. I still don’t know what’s going on though I believe I’m being followed or taunted by something…

Thank You For Reading. As always, you can share your experiences in the comments below!


Photo by cocoparisienne of Pixabay

Disclaimer: The information above is a combination of Personal and Family experiences ONLY. No works were copied or plagiarized. While anyone is welcome to comment, I attempt to make this a positive and friendly community where we can share our experiences. Any derogatory or negative comment(s) will be deleted. As always, reader discretion is advised.

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