Arizona Ghosts

Aside from the high temperatures and cacti, Arizona is home to many haunted locations all across the state. Below, I have compiled a list representing a handful of these places.

The Copper Queen Hotel in Bisbee

Built by the Phelps Dodge Corporation from 1898 through 1902, this historic hotel served as a place for those that planned to invest (or did invest) in the nearby copper mines.

It was investigated by the Ghost Hunters team and the Ghost Adventures crew, for it is claimed to be haunted, most notably by the ghost of a woman named Julia Lowell of room 315. It is said that she was a prostitute while she was alive and used the hotel for her and her clients. She then fell in love with one of those clients and confessed her feelings for him, though he made it clear he didn’t feel the same way. Overcome with sadness, she committed suicide at the hotel. Reports (mainly by men) of a woman whispering in their ear and her presence is felt on the second and third floors on the west side.

Fox Tuscan Theatre in Tuscan

In 1930, the Fox Tuscan Theatre opened to the public as a place for entertainment with over 3,000 people gathering, not missing its grand opening. Though forty years later in 1974, it closed those same doors and it sat for twenty-five years, but those that visited didn’t forget the charm it possessed.

Efforts that costed six years and thirteen million dollars paid off as it then reopened December of 2005, also with the help of grants, donations, and support from the community. Still residing in the theatre are supposed entities that have been spotted in the projection booth along with unexplained movements, sounds, and lights.

Colossal Cave in Tuscan

1940’s Postcard

This cave, discovered by Soloman Lick in 1879 while he was searching for stray cattle, was a makeshift hideout for thieves that obtained 72,000 dollars worth of gold from a train close to Tuscan. It is said that some of that gold could still be there hiding, though it isn’t known for sure. Believed by some, one of the four entities that are known to linger belongs to one of those robbers on the hunt for what he took.

Another spirit, described as being a lady in white is normally spotted around the cave’s entrance, while another womanly ghost is heard crying. It is said she cries because she fell on accident while running from a bear, leading to her unfortunate death. Lastly, is the ghost of the previous cave owner, named Frank Schmidt, who supposedly hangs around on tours and at the gift shop.

The Bird Cage Theatre in Tombstone

Investigated by the Ghost Hunters, the Ghost Adventures crew and appearing on Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files as well as Ghost Lab, this old theatre is a hub for paranormal activity. It opened in December of 1881, owned by Lottie and William “Billy” Hutchinson. Billy aimed for the theatre to be a place for family shows and entertainment, but after they introduced a lady’s night where women would be able to attend free of charge, the lack of money that resulted forced them to withdrawal on the event. Bird Cage Theatre then became a place that attracted the attendance of a tough mining crowd.

Twenty-six ghosts are reported to occupy the theatre. Loud, party-like commotion can be heard, as well as voices and unexplained music. Apparitions of cowboys and prostitutes have been reported by guests and staff as well as feelings of being touched or pushed.

Santa Rita Hotel in Tuscan

Santa Rita Hotel in 1904

The Santa Rita hotel was built in 1903 by Quintus Monier and was considered the finest in the state. It costed 175,000 dollars and had 101 rooms. When it opened, two thousand people attended the event. Then in April of 1972, it closed down and underwent demolition in August of 2009.

Before the hotel was destroyed, an officer supposedly made a call to police after hearing something that freaked him out. He heard footsteps from the fourth floor, only for the police to find nothing. After a week, a light was then seen on the same floor and it sounded as though someone was moving around. Still, the police didn’t find anyone.

Amy Allan (a parapsychologist) of The Dead Files on Travel Channel visited the hotel, claiming it was just as infested with spirits as the Whaley House in San Diego.

Thank You For Reading. As always, you can share your experiences in the comments below!

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