Spirits of Alaska

When you hear the state name, Alaska, what do you think of? Maybe the bitterly cold air, the breathtaking scenery, and/or the beautiful wildlife that inhabit there come to mind. Well, beyond the positive, lies the paranormal and the ghostly. Stay tuned as I list off some of the most active locations in Alaska…

The Kennecott Copper Mine near McCarthy

In 1986, it became a historical landmark, but this abandoned building resonates with ghostly activity as it is even said to be the most haunted area in all of the state. It’s popularity spiked in the 1980s due to high rates of tourism and visitations. You can join in on the Ghost Tours they offer and see what’s inside this massive location and experience the past all for yourself.

West Anchorage High School in Anchorage

Established in 1953, this school now welcomes over a thousand students. Haunting the auditorium is a ‘lady in white,’ who is said to roam there and in the halls. She’s been spotted numerous times within the seats and behind the stage.

Captain Cook Hotel in Anchorage

Said to haunt the bathroom in the basement of the hotel, is a woman who supposedly took her own life in the 1970s. While in the bathroom, women have reportedly fainted out of nowhere, leading people to believe that she still haunts the area.

Golden North Hotel in Skagway

By Aaron of Flickr

Though it is no longer serving as a hotel, it opens its door into a restaurant and a bar. In room 23, the ghost known as “Scary Mary” resides there, as she passed away in the room. She has appeared as an apparition both in the room and the outside hallway, though she is known to show herself in various ways.

Red Onion Saloon in Skagway

The second floor of this saloon (though intended to be a warehouse) is reportedly haunted, as visitors experience cold spots, hear unexplained footsteps, catch glowing lights, and inhale the scent of perfume. Basically, its a haunting ride for all of your senses. There is also a female presence that is claimed to be there, who is not too fond of males apparently.

Augustus Seaburg House (not pictured)

The spirit of the former owner, Augustus Seaburg himself, has been heard upstairs with footsteps, pacing. Another ghost, that of a woman in white who is believed to be Seaburg’s daughter, has been spotted in two different rooms: the parlor room, and the main bedroom. Cold spots, disembodied voices, and being pushed are a few other paranormal happenings that occur here.

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Disclaimer: The information above is a combination of prior knowledge and research. No works were plagiarized, only referenced and summarized as a source of information. While anyone is welcome to comment, I attempt to make this a positive and friendly community where we can share our experiences. Any derogatory or negative comment(s) will be deleted. As always, reader discretion is advised.

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