Annabelle and Robert

Dolls have always had a reputation to be creepy and unsettling. But they’re also known from time to time to contain evil and be a conduit for ghostly and demonic activity, as the stories of Annabelle and Robert are prime examples of how terrifying inanimate objects can be…


You likely know about The Conjuring franchise that revolves around a demonic entity and its attachment to a pretty freaky looking doll…But this horror story is based on true paranormal accounts and experiences with a Raggedy Ann doll.

In 1968, this doll was given to a college nursing student. She stated that it began to act oddly – it would be in different locations than where she originally left it and some other weird occurrences. She turned to a medium who then said that an entity named ‘Annabelle’ was inhabiting the doll, possessing it. The student and her roommate made an attempt to accept it, even nurturing it until its behavior began to take a darker turn.

Ed and Lorraine Warren (demonologists/paranormal investigators) were then contacted about the doll, taking it into their ownership after it was believed to then be “demonically possessed.” The couple owns an occult museum in Monroe, Connecticut, where they claim dark, haunted, and/or possessed objects and put them on display. Annabelle is locked in a clear, glass box, where you can see her, but beside her is a sign warning viewers not to touch or provoke the object as you may experience dangerous repercussions. Though skeptics dismiss their museum and the doll’s behavior as fake or simply an act, others say it is a very real phenomenon.


Annabelle isn’t the only doll that has sparked a successful movie series. Robert the doll was supposedly one of the inspirations for the Child’s Play/Chucky films. The doll once belonged to a man named Robert Eugene Otto, who obtained it as a birthday gift from his grandfather when he was a child. His grandfather allegedly got the doll in 1904 while he was in Germany, but another version of the story is that Otto’s mother gave him the doll. Since then, his bond with Robert was anything but normal…He was inseparable from the doll, even after he matured and married. He would continue to talk to it and treat it as if Robert was a living individual. The outfit that Robert the doll currently wears once belonged Otto from his childhood.

From what has been claimed, the doll has the supernatural capabilities to move, laugh, and actually change his facial expressions. There are other origin stories of how Otto received Robert and just how the doll acts…

  • A young girl gave Otto the doll either as a gift or as “retaliation for a wrong doing.”
  • Some claim that Robert was able to move voodoo figures around and that he was “aware of what went on around him.”
  • Another story states that Robert disappeared when the ownership of Otto’s house continuously changed after his passing.
  • It’s also said that Otto could have given the doll these supernatural powers because of how he blamed it for his troubles as a child.

Allegedly, if you taunt, provoke, and/or mock the doll while you visit, a series of mishaps and problems follow as he causes car wrecks, job losses, relationship problems, as well as physical harm, like broken bones, potentially worse…

Aside from Child’s Play/Chucky, Robert the doll has appeared on Zak Bagan’s: Deadly Possessions (2015), a movie series made about the doll entirely called Robert (2015), along with The Curse of Robert the Doll (2016), The Toymaker (2017), and The Revenge of Robert the Doll (2018) .

After Otto and his wife passed away, the doll was taken along with the home to another owner for twenty years. Since 1994, the doll still sits at the East Martello Museum in Key West, Florida, enclosed in walls that are filled with numerous apology letters from those who have experienced life misfortunes themselves from Robert.

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