The Dybbuk Box

Have you ever heard of a wine box that can cause death and chaos? If not, get comfortable as you read about this terrifying object and its history.

Well, to start let’s analyze what a Dybbuk is. A Dybbuk is a malicious and restless entity that can possess and haunt the living and is believed to be the soul of someone deceased. It usually has a set goal and leaves the host once that goal is completed or after being exorcized out of the living individual.

The Dybbuk Box first gained attention from a man named Kevin Mannis after he bought the wine box in 2001 at an estate sale. Before it was passed onto him, it formerly belonged to a Holocaust survivor named Havaleh. She purchased the box in Spain before escaping and being immigrated to the United States. Her granddaughter informed Kevin of its origins and refused his offer to return it since it ran in the family saying, “We don’t want it.” She then told him a Dybbuk inhabited the box and that was the reason they never opened it.

Ignoring the warning given to him, he opened the box, finding two 1920s pennies, a small golden wine goblet, a dried rosebud, a candle holder, and a small statue with the word “shalom” carved into it. More personal and disturbing, he also found a blonde lock and a brown lock of hair, both wrapped individually with cords.

Kevin-along with other owners-shared similar happenings while owning the box. Kevin wrote about the string of nightmares he had been experiencing and others who stayed at the house with the box also spoke of horrid nightmares. He wrote a horror story about the Dybbuk box, which would then become the inspiration for the movie, The Possession. He passed the box along to his mother for her birthday-October 31st. Later that same day, she had apparently suffered from a stroke. Paired with those awful dreams of a ‘hag’ alongside the box, other owners who once had possession of it would smell either of unexplainable cat urine or jasmine flowers.

Being the last person to auction the Dybbuk box off on eBay, a Truman State University student blamed the box for his hair loss and as being the cause for the lights in his house to burn out. The next owner, Jason Haxton bought the box from the student and wrote ‘The Dybbuk Box.’ Not long after buying it and taking it into his possession, his health started to decline. He would cough up blood, develop hives, and all-over body welts – all problems were unexplainable. He received help from rabbis to constrain the dybbuk back to the wine box, to which they were apparently successful. He then appeared on Zak Bagan’s Deadly Possessions, donating the item to Zak himself.

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Photo by Ephraim Moshe Lilien (1874–1925) from Die Bucher Der Bibel  This article is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License.  This article is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License.

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