Paranormal California

California is known for its sunny days, beautiful scenery and is home to many, many celebrities of Hollywood. But its also a state full of haunted locations. Enjoy the following as I list off some of these paranormal destinations and take note if you’re planning a trip!

Hotel del Coronado

This Victorian beachfront hotel has quite the history soaked into its wooden walls. When it was first opened in 1888, it was labeled the largest hotel in the world but is now the second largest wooden structure in the country and was listed as one of the top ten resorts in the world – that’s still quite the status!

It has opened its door to a number of celebrities, politicians, and even royalty throughout its operation and has been in the spotlight for many books and films. Hosting Presidents Taft, McKinley, Wilson, and Harrison helped its rise to popularity before the 1920s. Also known to have stopped by were actors Charlie Chaplin, Douglas Fairbanks, Katharine Hepburn – and many, many more over the years.

Aside from the famous visitations and beauty of the hotel, it was the place of two tragic death. In 1892, Kate Morgan waited for her brother who was a doctor but he never came to her rescue – she was hoping for his aid in treating her stomach cancer. Three days later, her lifeless body was found on the steps leading to the beach as she committed suicide by shooting herself. Her ghost is still believed resides there. Another awful death was the drowning of actress Isadore Rush on the beach of the hotel.

Point Sur Lighthouse

Established in 1889, it is part of the Point Sur State Historic Park and is 135 miles south of San Francisco, standing 40 feet tall. It is still being used as a necessary guide for navigation and is a tourist attraction open to the public on Wednesdays and on the weekends for guided tours.

Twenty-five men were involved with the construction of the lighthouse and surrounding buildings back when the land was nothing but a dangerous cliff, accountable for numerous shipwrecks due to the Gold Rush. In 1886 and 1887, Congress approved about a hundred thousand dollars (now equivalent to over two million) for the construction. After it was finally built, it turned out to be very isolated with one dangerous road leading to Monterey. Eventually, the establishment of highway 1 in 1937 helped to lessen that isolation.

As I stated before, there were countless shipwrecks, leading to an outstanding amount of death on the shores. Apparations and voices (EVPs) have been encountered and captured in this location. On Ghost Adventures, Zak and his crew investigated the Point Sur Lighthouse in an attempt to connect with these shipwreck victims.

Moaning Caverns of Calaveras County

These caves were discovered by modern gold miners in 1851 but have likely been known about since the prehistoric era. The name “Moaning Caverns” derives from the moaning sound it made, collecting attention from explorers. Though since the entrance’s expansion for the public, the moaning sounds were disrupted.

The tourist space – it’s open to the public for spelunking and walking tours – is a 165-foot tall shaft with a 100-foot staircase built in the early 1900s while the cave itself reaches a depth of 450 feet. Tragically, some fell to their deaths in this cave.

Eerily, the oldest human remains known in America were found in these caverns -12,000 years old. More recent, there are other human remains that have been found, so it’s not exactly a shock that there’s supposedly some paranormal activity here. Even though there’s some doubt about the authenticity of the bones, the cave is their final resting place.

The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

This well-known, 12-story hotel opened up in May of 1927 and still operates being the oldest hotel in Las Angeles. It was constructed (costing about 2.5 million, equivalent to around 3.1 million today) in 1926 and was coincidently named after the 26th US President, Theodore Roosevelt. Almost 25 years later, the hotel had a downfall and in 1985, it was bought by a new owner and went through a series of 3 more owners. Today, it is independently run by its own management company. Renovations on the hotel totaled up to about 90 million dollars…my gosh…

One of the main reasons as to why the Roosevelt is so famous is because of the many famous celebrities that stayed here over the years. Marilyn Monroe probably being the most popular as she lived there for 2 years and filmed her first photo shoot by the pool. Another is Shirley Temple, who learned her stairstep dance on the stairs of the hotel. Many more have visited the iconic hotel…

Alongside the living are the deceased roaming the floors. Marilyn Monroe has apparently been spotted, as well as Montgomery Clift and Errol Flynn. Another spirit said to reside here is that of a little girl named Caroline, wearing a blue dress. Other phenomena such as cold spots, orbs captured in photos, and mysterious phone calls have also been reported here.

The Winchester Mystery House

Located in San Jose, this Victorian style Mansion was once the home of Sarah Winchester, widow of William Wirt Winchester. It was deemed as a Historic landmark and is privately owned today, open to tourists.

After William’s death from TB in 1881, Sarah claimed more than 20 million dollars (equal to over 500 million in 2018). She used her inherited wealth to fund the construction of the Winchester Mystery House.

Since 1884 when it was built, it was believed that the location and the mansion were haunted by the spirits of those that fell victim to a Winchester rifle. After her infant daughter passed, Sarah received ‘confirmation’ of this rumor from a Boston medium. She was told to leave New Haven and travel west, where she must finish the construction of a home for herself and the spirits who – you probably guessed it – were killed from the Winchester rifles. Sarah took the medium’s advice, moved to California and purchased an unfinished house to build upon.

Today, the Winchester is said to still be a home for the spirits of the whole family. It was investigated by the Ghost Adventures Crew, the Ghost Brothers and was the inspiration for the movie Winchester and Haunting of Winchester House.

Note: I was going to feature the Queen Mary, but since there’s so much information to give and since it has such a history and has a major reputation for being very haunted, I decided to dedicate a whole post to the ship.

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