Colorado Ghosts

Colorado…a wonderfully cold vacation destination. Along with the snow and the sun, it’s also a state booming with paranormal attractions. Join me as I list off some of these haunted hotspots!

Museum of Colorado Prisons in Canon City

Opening in 1871, this old prison consists of two floors and thirty cells on the top floor with storage, a kitchen, and isolation cells located on the lower floor. Soaked in the walls is a hundred and forty years of dark history involving the murderous nature of a twelve-year-old child and the story of a man who was charged and convicted of cannibalism. It’s no wonder as to why there is speculation of hauntings as almost all prisons have a past of murder, rage, and just complete terror. Today, they offer tours for those who are brave enough to enter. Good luck!

Hotel Colorado in Glenwood Springs

This hotel was established by a banker named Walter Devereux and construction began in 1891, costing over eight hundred thousand dollars. Cream colored Roman brick and Peach Blow Sandstone were used for building the hotel in an Italianate style, along with twelve thousand yards of carpet and two thousand rose bushes. On June 10th of 1893, the hotel was opened with a celebration that included a fireworks display, an orchestra, and dining at around midnight.

Today, Hotel Colorado is home to several entities including the presence of a male, an apparition of a young girl in Victorian attire who plays with a ball, and of a female who is reported to peer over men while they sleep. Two suites in the bell tower also resonates with ghostly activity as the elevator is said to operate without passengers. Visitors and staff also have reported odd odors and strange sounds. A woman’s scream can be heard in the hotel as well.

Hotel Jerome in Aspen

Known for its luxury and heritage, Hotel Jerome is a wonderful destination for relaxation – and ghost hunting as this is another of California’s haunted locations. In 1889, nine years after Aspen’s establishment, Jerome B. Wheeler constructed the hotel. For a while, it was quite the success, until silence shrouded around the local Smuggler Mines. People would then move in for the cheap price of ten dollars…A MONTH, which included dining. The hotel was then renovated to continue being the center of the town.

The current hauntings of the hotel include one of a little boy who drowned in the swimming pool that was on the property. Another known ghost is that of a maid who was sick then tragically passed away after falling into a freezing ice pond.

Colorado Grande and Casino Hotel in Cripple Creek

The town of Cripple Creek has had its fair share of paranormal occurrences over the years, but the Colorado Grande apparently is by far the most haunting. It was built in 1896 as a three-story building which now mostly resides the guests of previous times. Of all the spirits, Maggie the most well-known is spotted still gambling with an unfamiliar male as the smell of roses fills the surrounding air.

The Vampire Grave in Lafayette

A dark figure is reportedly spotted sitting on top of this vampire’s tombstone in an old cemetery. His name was Fodor Glava. from Transylvania and he was rumored to be a vampire as the tree above his resting spot apparently grew from the stake that was driven through his heart, as it was an attempt to prevent his unholy resurrection. Orbs were captured floating around his headstoned and so was a mysterious hiss. Anyone can visit his grave of course…but may I suggest having a bottle of holy water at the ready? You never know…

Fort Collins Firehouse in Fort Collins

Now being used for a cozy spot to sip on your favorite tea, the Fort Collins Firehouse – aside from being a firehouse, of course – has a past of being the first jail in town. It held a Mr. James Howe after he murdered his wife on April 6th of 1888, only to be broken out by townspeople. But it wasn’t so he could regain freedom, they wanted the honor of lynching him in front of the courthouse as they successfully did so. His angry ghost has been spotted pacing in the back alley, so if you’re having a warm cup of tea and see a strange, aggravated man, yeah, that’s probably James.

Central City Cemetery in Gilpin County

If you’re in the mood to visit this cemetery, expect to witness and experience some paranormal occurrences. But honestly, what cemetery isn’t haunted? An apparition of a woman leaving flowers at a loved one’s grave has been reported here on the first of November of every year – quite tragic, honestly. I’d probably feel sadness instead of fear…No, I’d still be pretty freaked out actually…

Have you visited any of these chilling Colorado locations? Let me know in the comments what you experienced! As always, thank you for reading and feel free to follow my blog to keep up to date!

Disclaimer: The information above is a combination of prior knowledge and research. No works were plagiarized, only referenced as a source of information. While anyone is welcome to comment, I attempt to make this a positive and friendly community where we can share our experiences. Any derogatory or negative comment(s) will be deleted. As always, reader discretion is advised.

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