Lizzie Borden and Her Home

The home of Lizzie Borden may be beautiful and hold objects of the past but it’s that past that makes this house so terrifying…

Who Was Lizzie Borden?

Lizzie Borden was born on July 19, 1860 and was an American woman who became infamous from the 1892 axe murders of her father and stepmother, which took place in Fall River, Massachusetts. Lizzie was then tried and acquitted for those murders and the Commonwealth chose not to charge anyone else for their deaths. The incident became widely known and even though she faced constant ridicule and ostracism for her crime, she chose to remain in Fall River in a different home until she died from pneumonia at the age of 66, which then her sister passed only days later. Find more information on the incident and her early life here.

Over a century later, the story is still talked about and speculated about today. Which leads me into the discussion of her home, which still stands. From 1874-92, Andrew Borden, Lizzie’s father, who was involved with the Fall River high society. After the trials, Lizzie moved into a home on a street named ‘Maplecroft,’ with the house number 230.

The Paranormal Activity

The paranormal activity in the home fuels the infamous location as there’s no lack of it here. Paranormal investigators Zak Bagans, Aaron Goodwin, and the rest of the Ghost Adventures Crew investigated the location in October of 2011. They were told of fainting spells and ear tugging which was apart of the paranormal activity said to be known. Their investigation made a sharp turn for the worst as both Zak and Nick Groff were overcame with an unknown source of aggression. It was a pretty heated and intense episode!

Recently, investigators Amy Bruni and Adam Berry of Kindred Spirits investigated and they did not leave empty handed. Throughout their stay, along with the assistance of psychic Chip Coffey, they obtained some remarkable evidence of Lizzie herself, still residing there. The EVP’s they captured made it evident that Lizzie didn’t want anything to do with her past or the murders and wanted to be respectfully called, “Lizbeth” instead of Lizzie. While at first, Chip encountered anger and resentment from Lizzie, by the end of their investigation, they left with more answers to the unknown. I strongly suggest you check out this episode as it constantly sent chills down my spine but left me more knowledgeable of who Lizzie Borden, I mean, Lizbeth Borden was and who she wants to be known as today. I’m definitely not justifying anything about what she did, for it was awful and the story will likely still live on for many more decades to come.

Since 1996, the home has been a bed n breakfast under Martha McGinn, who inherited the house. She says that the room in which Abby Borden was found is the most requested room of all of the bedrooms. The Flat River Historical Society promotes the home as not only a bed and breakfast but a tourist attraction as well.

What do you guys think of the murders? Have you ever been to her home or would you like to? Let me know in the comments below!

Disclaimer: The information above is a combination of prior knowledge and research. No works were plagiarized, only referenced as a source of information. While anyone is welcome to comment, I attempt to make this a positive and friendly community where we can share our experiences. Any derogatory or negative comment(s) will be deleted. As always, reader discretion is advised.

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