The Black-Eyed Children Legend

For decades, tales of black-eyed children have been told all around. Most of these stories are similar in nature—a set of children, typically between the ages of 6 and 16, who approach your doorstep, are hitchhiking, or come up to you in some way and urge for assistance. And you almost feel compelled to abide by their requests, though you’re not sure how or why. But if you deny them, they become more stern and pushy. Whether or not you see their eyes, the experience is always chilling and unnerving..

Brief History of this Legend

Though it’s said that these stories originated in the 80s, most sources state that its actually from 1996 postings, written by Brian Bethel, a Texas reporter. He wrote about his encounters in Texas, claiming that he ran into these paranormal beings. Another account then surfaced in Oregon—completely separate and unrelated. Bethel’s stories were tossed around gaining creepypasta-type popularity. In 2012, he then told his story on the TV series Monsters and Mysteries in America and wrote a follow up article for Abilene Reporter News, re-establishing his belief of his story to be legitimate.


Sharon A. Hill, science writer, has been unable to find any real proof of these paranormal children and deem them as just being tales and ghost stories. But though I’ve never experienced this event for myself and though there isn’t any ‘proof,’ does that actually mean it’s not real? 

The moral here…They may look innocent as they beg for help but these beings are anything but.. So if you hear a knock at your door tonight or any following nights…be sure to stay aware..

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