Your Ghost Stories

Welcome to Paranormal Ally’s Community Story Tab! Below are stories and experiences submitted by you guys in your own words! Thank you to those who submitted!

@Perk_________ (from Instagram)

“I know this guy whose uncle got shot and they didn’t have a suspect or an eye witness. They didn’t want to wait for the cops – who might take forever to find the murderer. So they got a shaman and participated in a ritual, sacrificing a goat, did the spells and everything to call the ancestors forward. They asked the ancestors to help find the murderer within 3 months and in doing so, they would sacrifice another goat as praise. Within 3 months, the murderer got caught and they did as they promised. Some people don’t know the difference between ghost and demons…”

Lora Lawrence (Instagram and email)

“Hi, my name is Lora and I see dead people all the time. So there is this sad house in Orange, CT that I went through. The owner had to build it up very quickly and they had a lot of kids, the kids hid things in the floor-feathers, broken plates, sticks, you know, things like that. I saw the spirit of a 19 year old boy who fell off his horse while on his way to see his love and he broke his neck. To this day, he still searches for her… Another one I see, is a woman that stands at the stove and cooks, and I also see Native American Indians that helped the Pilgrims actually settle in and they would smoke a pipe in the lobby area or like a living room area. They found several arrowheads that are behind the house and on the property where they put grass in.”

dangerd84 (Instagram)

“So there I was, picture it, Poland 2002, in my grandma’s community garden. Night time, I’m hoofing it looking for her as she didn’t come home. Suddenly, something jumps over a fence and lands behind me – I turn around and I have no idea what I’m looking at. Seen my fair share of animals but this one was an insane looking one. I ran for my quicker than I ever have, lost my flip flops and my dignity but I escaped to tell the tale…”

becca_922 (Instagram)

“10 years ago when my daughter was one and half years old, I was woken up at about 5 am by her babbling to a very peaceful female voice who was talking to her. I heard it and was not worried about getting up to check or anything because I felt so much comfort from it. I went back to sleep and got up at 7 when I got a call from my father in law about my grandmother who passed away at 5 am that morning.”

“So I had a birthday party sleepover when I was 13. We decided to make a Ouija Board out of this giant chalkboard I had. We didn’t have one and my friends had been on on prior and telling me about this “person” they had the last time which was a name that began with a Q (and I don’t remember it now). But we wrote it all out and didn’t have the centerpiece so we used the clear rectangular piece from under the couch leg. It started very slow and boring and we started making fun of it. Saying it was slow and that it needed energy. We were eating candy and placed some of it in the middle of the piece and were making fun of it saying it was ‘brain candy.’ All of a sudden it started moving really fast. We were asking to speak to someone and we started asking questions to which we were getting answers to. It was answering really fast and we asked about this ‘Q’ spirit and it said it was there. It started saying a lot about my friend Jenny who was a very cute, very popular girl. It would say, “I want Jenny. I want Jenny in bed.” And then we asked what it was going to do and it said it was going to “f**k Jenny in bed later. It actually spelled all this out and it wouldn’t stop. It starting circling really fast, over and over and then all of a sudden, it shot off the board. We were so scared, I haven’t touched one since…”

I really enjoy reading your spooky stories and always look forward to receiving more! If you wish to add YOUR scary story to this list, email me at or message me on Instagram @paranormalallyblog! Thank you for reading and thank you for submitting!

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