Goatman’s Bridge

On the surface, this bridge looks completely harmless. Just an abandoned rusted iron bridge, right? Well, yeah but it has a much darker reputation. One that’s demonic in nature…

Brief History

Built in 1884 by the King Iron Bridge Manufacturing Company, it connects the Texas cities of Denton and Copper Canyon. In it’s early days, it carried horses and early automobiles over Hickory Creek. The bridge is actually named The old Alton Bridge, getting its name from the also abandoned town of Alton as it was once the base of Denton County. 

The bridge was used continuously until 2001 when traffic was converted to a nearby concrete steel bridge. While they were crossing the Alton bridge, motorists would need to indicate their presence with their car horn before they crossed as it was only contained one lane, for the new bridge provided more travel lanes. 

The Legends

The nickname, Goatman’s Bridge, became notorious as it is believed a demonic satyr (a male nature spirit that has ears and a tail resembling that of a horse) lurks in the surrounding woods. Though, there is another disturbing legend…

It tells of a black goat farmer who migrated his family to a residence north of the bridge. A few years later, this farmer named Oscar Washburn became popular as a dependable and honest businessman, north Texans giving him the nickname Goatman. Though, a black man’s success was still objected by many as Klansmen turned violent when the farmer put up a sign on the bridge displaying, “This way to Goatman’s.”

In 1938, these Klansmen crossed the bridge and kidnapped Washburn. They tied a noose on the bridge, hung him in it, and threw him over the bridge. When they looked to see if he was dead, he was gone, the noose being vacant. Panicked, they returned to Oscars home, taking the lives of his wife and children. 


It is told that if you cross the bridge at night with the headlights off, the Goatman will meet you on the other side… Ghostly figures and strange lights are said to be appear in the woods surrounding the bridge. Others report feelings of being touched, grabbed, and having rocks or pebbles thrown at them. The bridge have been investigated by paranormal investigators, like the Ghost Adventures Crew, as it’s a popular paranormal hotspot.

Gallery Below

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