Top 10 Most Haunted U.S. Cemeteries

Any place where the dead lay can spark a large amount of paranormal activity. Pretty much any cemetery you visit has a strong potential of being haunted in some way, which is why they’re such a good location for contacting the other side. Some cemeteries, however, are more haunted than others. Consider adding these to your paranormal investigation list!

Stull Cemetery in Kansas

Stull cemetery has quite the chilling reputation involving rumors and legends of the devil himself and the gates of Hell. They were popularised in an issue of University Daily Kansan, a paper of the University of Kansas, as it stated that Satan visits Stull twice a year: once during the spring Equinox and once on Halloween. Others then said that this cemetery was home to one of the seven gates of Hell. In the years that followed the article, students ventured into the cemetery during both of those occasions, in attempts to see the devil for themselves. Many would jump the fence or find means of getting onto the property. Then as the cemetery began deteriorating (mostly due to vandalism), police began to defend it as they patrolled the cemetery, more so on Halloween, arresting anyone who dares to trespass, spending up to 6 months and jail or paying a thousand dollar fine.

Bachelors Grove Cemetery in Chicago, Il

In another post, I discussed Bachelors Grove as it’s a popular paranormal attraction and considered to be one of the most haunted in the U.S. People report seeing a “white lady,” that roams the grounds, carrying an infant during the full moon, a two-head ghost, and a phantom car. A ghost farmer and his plow horse have also been spotted here along with a religious monk spirit, a black dog near the entrance that disappears when approached, and a phantom farmhouse as it shimmers, floats, then vanishes. Orbs of light tend to also appear in photos and the famous photo of a young woman sitting on a grave was also taken here and published in the Chicago Sun-Times.

The St. Louis Cemeteries in New Orleans, LA

Located in New Orleans, these are well-known for paranormal occurrences, more specifically cemetery 1 (out of 3). Activity here includes the ghost of Voodoo Queen, Marie Laveau, for her tomb seems to attract the most attention. She is spotted frequently throughout the French Quarter passing her home and pacing around the tombs of the cemetery. She is also said to be rather aggressive for people also report being pushed, scratched, and pinched. Another known spirit is that of Henry Vignes, described as having blue eyes, being very tall, and looking so real, people have supposedly carried on conversations with him. Alphonse also haunts this cemetery as he is known for taking visitor’s hands and asks for them to take him home, though it’s not known where that is. These are cemeteries that I have made another, in-depth post about which you can find here.

Howard Street Cemetery in Salem, MA

The witchy history of Salem alone is enough to send chills down your spine. And the oldest cemetery in Salem is definitely one of the most haunted. Giles Corey is a ghost said to appear before tragedy strikes as he was supposedly spotted before the Great Fire of 1914. He was the only person of the Salem Witch Trial to die by torture. But he isn’t just buried here, he died here as well. He refused to confess to witchcraft or stand trial so he was forced to lay down in a hold in the middle of the field. A board was placed across his chest and stones were continuously added slowly until he was crushed to death, two days later..

Union Cemetery in Easton, CT

Public Domain

This cemetery dates all the way back to the 1700s. And famous, late demonologists, Ed and Lorraine Warren wrote a book about it titled, Graveyard regarding the cemetery and they have reportedly spotted the infamous “White Lady” that roams here and in the Stephny Cemetery in Monroe and had video evidence of the apparition. Like the other “White Lady” ghost stories, she is spotted with a white gown or a wedding dress.

Westminster Hall and Burying Ground in Baltimore, MD

Public Domain

The grave and monument of the famous 19th-century poet, Edgar Allen Poe remains here as his ghost is often spotted. But a terrifying tale revolves around this cemetery as well. It is said that a minister was murdered and his head never stopped screaming after he died. The murderers gagged the skull and buried it in a cement block to try and muffle the screams. But supposedly, it can still be heard if you listen close enough. If you hear it though, it is said that you will be driven insane as you’ll never be able to get the sound of the screaming out of your head.

Resurrection Cemetery in Justice, Il

This cemetery holds a popular legend called Ressurection Mary, similar to the Vanishing Hitchhiker urban legend. A young woman danced with her boyfriend at the Oh Henry Ballroom but at one point, they got into an argument and Mary stormed out. She began to walk up Archer Avenue but didn’t make it far before she was struck and killed by a hit-and-run driver. She was found by her parents and she was buried at Resurrection Cemetery. Today, visitors report seeing a young woman who wears a white dress as she hitchhikes to the cemetery, as she looks real. One Southsider reports dancing with her and even kissing her. She then asked him to take her home but she disappeared after exiting the car in front of the Cemetery.

Cemetery Hill on Gettysburg Battlefield, PA

The Battle of Gettysburg was full of brutal bloodshed. So it’s no surprise that this location would have paranormal activity. Aside from spotting apparitions of deceased soldiers, people have also experienced the scent of peppermint. Since so many people died on the battlefield, it wasn’t possible to clear all of the bodies in a timely manner, so the resonating smell was likely horrible. For a while after, people couldn’t go near the area without masking their face with something. A solution would be to take handkerchiefs and dip them in peppermint and vanilla, explaining the ghost smell that some people smell when visiting.

Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Las Angeles, CA

Public Domain

Being one of the oldest cemeteries in Las Angeles, it was founded in 1899. It was originally named Hollywood Cemetery then Hollywood Memorial Park before obtaining its current title. Buried here are some of the most prominent people in the entertainment business, including Janet Gaynor and Judy Garland. It is supposedly haunted by Virginia Rappe, as she died after a night of dissipation, along with Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle. Another known ghost is that of Clifton Webb, said to haunt the mausoleum, and also a “Lady in Black,” as she is often spotted in front of Rudolph Valentino’s tomb.

Bonaventure Cemetery in Savannah, GA

Public Domain

This rural cemetery is located east of Savannah on the site of a plantation owned originally by John Mullryne. It became famous when featured in John Berendt’s book, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil and in a Clint Eastwood film, based off of the book. As expected in Savannah, this is a haunted cemetery as visitors spot the apparition of a girl named Gracie Watson, who died of pneumonia at the young age of six. She’s been seen playing with tombstones and the statue of her by her own grave is rumored to cry blood from time to time.

There are many others but it was interesting to read and research on these locations! If you enjoyed this post, consider subscribing to my email list to never miss a paranormal post full of history and haunts!

Disclaimer: The information above is a combination of prior knowledge and research. No works were plagiarized, only referenced as a source of information. While anyone is welcome to comment, I attempt to make this a positive and friendly community where we can share our experiences. Any derogatory or negative comment(s) will be deleted. As always, reader discretion is advised.

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