The Sallie House

While there are countless of haunted homes across the world, not many stick out quite like the Sallie House does as it’s quite infamous for the negativity that lurks here.

Known as one of the most haunted homes in America, the Sallie House is located on 508 North Second Street in the town of Atchison, Kansas. It’s been featured on television shows such as Ghost Adventures, Paranormal Witness, and A Haunting. It was constructed and built for the Finney family in 1867 and they lived there on an off until 1947. Four deaths were reported of the Finney family, all apparently of natural causes. Afterward, the property was bought and rented by multiple people.

In 1992, stories of the Sallie house arose when Tony and Debra Pickman rented it. They stated that the paranormal activity began slowly with objects moving in the child’s room, lights turning on and off, and the entity of a girl began appearing. Then Tony became the victim of a much darker haunting – one of violence and malevolence. His body would get scratched, he’d have horrible nightmares, and he then became vulnerable to demonic oppression.

The Nightmare Painting - depicting a demon lingering on a woman - a demonic attachment

They reached out for help for the hauntings and activity by inviting numerous psychics and the television show Sightings. In an episode, a psychic named Peter James stated that an entity named Sallie was the source of the activity. He believed she died from acute appendicitis at the hands of Charles Finney. After two more years, the Pickman’s left to get away from the hauntings.

While there isn’t any solid evidence of the psychic’s conclusions, it is fact that the activity began with the Pickman family as there weren’t any previous claims of activity from any other residents before. Evidence of some kind of Satanic involvement with the home was also apparent when a pentagram was found in the basement after the Pickman’s moved out. It was covered up by black spray paint but shortly after, another ritual was done but no one is sure who it was performed by.

Stock photo of a spooky woman in the shadows

Paranormal Activity

It seems that whoever visits the Sallie house comes out petrified with an experience to share. Dark shadows have been spotted along with demonic voices that have been captured on audio from ghost hunters and electronics have unexplainably failed on multiple occasions. People report being violently attacked by something demonic and oftentimes face possession. Like Tony, people experience nightmares and depression and sometimes experience feelings of being choked and feel cold spots and random hot spots. Poltergeist activity is also prevalent as objects are often moved around.

With the mounds of evidence captured and the negativity surrounding the hauntings, it is understood that it’s anything but friendly and is more demonic in nature overall.

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