The Most Haunting Creepypastas

All of us spread stories to entertain and freak each other out. Whether they are horrific, terrifying, or plain disturbing, hundreds and thousands of these stories linger across the internet, accessible to anyone looking for a good scare. Creepypastas come in many different frightening forms as some involve the paranormal while others revolve around television shows and video games. I’ve done plenty of research to bring you the creepiest and most disturbing creepypastas. Who knows, maybe some of these are based on something very real…

Jeff the Killer

On their way to school one day, a teenager named Jeff and his little brother were both ambushed and attacked by a group of bullies. Jeff defends them and leaves the bullies laying in the street, arms and hands broken. He spent the next several days distraught after his brother stated that he beat up the group and is then arrested for it. Then while on a trip to a neighbor’s birthday party, he is attacked by bullies once again. This time, even though he managed to kill all of them, Jeff becomes severely burned during the confrontation after being set on fire and realizes while in the hospital that he enjoyed hurting people. The following night after being discharged, he carved his own face, leaving marks to form an eerie smile and cut off his own eyelids so that he will never sleep. Jeff proceeds to murder his parents and whispered “go to sleep” while he killed his young brother. He earns the name Jeff the killer as he sneaks into houses at night and whispers “go to sleep” before he murders his victims.

Where Bad Kids Go

Creepy Door and Room for Where Bad Kids Go Creepypastas

We all have certain shows that we admired when we were younger and some of us tend to find out more about that beloved show. That’s exactly what a certain photographer did as he dug deeper into a kids series that he used to watch as a child. The moral of the show was to induce fear among kids as a scare tactic to make them want to behave better by the use of graphic photos. Every episode had a premise like ‘bad kids stay up late.’ But he remembers something about the show that was rather disturbing. At the end of each episode, a chained door would be revealed and the camera would slowly approach it, the screams and cries of children growing louder and louder as it did so. A phrase would then appear in a different language that meant “this is where the bad kids go” before it ended. The photographer managed to locate the studio and the infamous door they used. As he entered, he was overcome by the stench and sight of dead bodies, bones, and old blood. What makes it more disturbing is that a microphone was found swinging in the center of the room…

Abandoned By Disney

Abandoned By Disney Creepypastas

Disney is known as a large, famous company across the world but it was always rumored to have some deep, dark secrets behind the smiling characters and mystical fireworks. According to one story, they bought a lot of land in North Carolina to open Mowgli’s Place, a resort that was based on “The Jungle Book.” But one day, the park was sold and shut down without any explanation. Someone who had been researching another Disney park decided to visit when they heard about it. As he approached, he found that it had quite an eerie, abandoned atmosphere as he came across a lot of locked doors and he would often see the phrase, ‘abandoned by Disney’ displayed along several walls of the palace. He then finds a door that says ‘Mascots only’ and he decided to break into the room due to his curiosity. Inside, he finds old mascot costumes hanging and messes with the Donald Duck costume. But in doing so, a human skull falls from it and spooks the man. He began to run towards the door but then thought it would be best to take a picture of the skull to prove his experience but finds the Mickey Mouse mascot standing before him, looking at him. It removes it head and yellow blood oozes from it. The man again heads for the door then spots text on it that read ‘abandoned by God’.

The Russian Sleep Experiment

Russian Sleep Experiment Creepypastas

After World War II had ended, five prisoners were subjected to a secluded cell filled with experimental gas while they remained awake for thirty days. At first, it was deemed to be a success until it began to take a disturbing, gruesome turn. The test subjects began to slowly lose their minds, showing signs of paranoia and distress, and started to perform heinous acts to each other. It was even said that they began to eat each other. After some time, the Soviet researchers had wanted to enter the chamber to ensure that the microphones were working properly. Armed members of the military were prepared in case something went wrong when one of the researchers entered. The subjects were ordered to stay down and in doing so, one of them would be promised freedom. But one of them eerily stated that they no longer wanted to be freed. More on this fictional event HERE.

The Keyhole

The Keyhole Creepypastas

A man finds and checks into an empty hotel and retrieves his key from the receptionist when she proceeded to tell him, or rather, warn him of the door without a number. She explained that it was a storage closet but stated that no matter what, he could not enter the room. He abided and headed straight for his room but he became too curious and headed for the numberless door. He tried to enter but it had been locked so he decided to peer through the keyhole. It resembled an ordinary hotel room until he spotted a pale, older woman leaning up the wall in the corner. He began getting creeped out and confused and went to his room for the rest of the night. The next day, he returned to the room and glanced through the keyhole once again but only spotted red, hiding any view of the room. He returned to the receptionist to check out but she told him something that made his stomach drop. The room was haunted by a woman…with bloodshot, red eyes…

Emotionless Woman in a Hospital

Emotionless Woman in a Hospital Creepypastas

In the 1970s, a woman showed up at a hospital in nothing but a blood-soaked gown. Her face was emotionless, resembling a mannequin for her eyebrows were missing and she had loads of makeup on her face. Disturbingly, a small kitten was found clenched between her teeth and before long, she collapsed and medics rushed her to a room. They strapped her down as they waited for the police to show up. And the woman’s face remained to be devoid of any emotion. Then she suddenly whipped her head toward a nurse, making her scream in abrupt fear, the expressionless woman’s teeth appearing sharp and jagged. The doctor soon asked what exactly she was but instead of replying right then, she broke free from her restraints and attacked the doctor, biting at his throat. The police soon arrived and before she left to attack them, she finally gave the doctor an unnerving response to his question. She stated, “I am God”.

Robert The Doll

Unlike most of the Creepypastas you see scattered across the internet, this story is very real, based on actual events. Robert is known for being quite terrifying as if you mock him or take his photo without asking, he will curse you. Testimonies of this come in the form of multiple apology letters displayed around him of people begging to be forgiven and their curse be lifted. Robert has been through numerous owners but one of them is more notable due to his strange attachment and behavior to the doll. He was given the doll by his grandfather who had obtained it in Germany after the war (but there are more stories as to how Robert came into the young boy’s possession) and the boy kept Robert well into adulthood, referring and talking to Robert as if he was real person, even while married as his odd behavior unnerved his wife. Currently, the doll is displayed in a museum in Key West, Florida where you can visit him (but don’t take his photo without asking). Read more on Robert HERE.

Squidward’s Suicide

Squidward's Suicide creepypastas

Some Creepypastas revolve around lost tapes and found footage that pertains to television shows or movies, oftentimes being rather disturbing. In this one, it revolves around the character of Squidward from beloved childhood series ‘Spongebob Squarepants‘. It’s told from the perspective of a former animation student at Nickelodeon studios who had interned there in 2005. They (along with a couple of other coworkers) received a tape to edit labeled “Squidward’s Suicide” but they assumed it was just an office prank. The video showed a distressed Squidward on his bed while unsettling noises that played in the background got louder and louder. Embedded in the scene were quick flashes of murdered children with the noises becoming louder gradually with each flash. As it cut back to Squidward, he had strange ‘hyper-realistic’ eyes and he eventually shot himself after a deep, disembodied voice persuaded him to do so. The video then ended afterward…

Darkness in the Rearview Mirror

Darkness in the Rearview Mirror Creepypasta

In 2013, the roads were dark and dim for a young party-goer as they made their way on the lonely highway. Feeling on edge, they decided to peek into the rearview mirror but only to see the blackness the lingered behind her. At least, they were absolutely sure that they didn’t see anything…But strangely, a car approached within ten seconds and passed on the left with headlights beaming. Luckily, getting home safely wasn’t a problem, until the following more when scratch marks were found on the back of their van. They considered all possiblities and a shiver ran down their spine as they considered something more paranormal. Maybe a ghost car had passed just moments after checking the car’s empty road refection? Or maybe it was something even more blood-curlding. Perhaps, something black that could of obscured their view and had been clinging to the vehicle the whole time, leaving it scratched up. And just maybe, they unknowingly drove it home with them…

Which creepypasta is your favorite? Which one gives you nightmares?

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