Haunted Places in Kansas

Aside from the wizards and cowardly lions, Kansas is a very active state when it comes to haunted places. From the demonic Sallie House to the historic John Wornall House Museum, Kansas has plenty of history and haunts to offer…now prepare your salt circles!

The Kansas Aviation Museum in Wichita

By David G. Keith

This museum was once the popular Wichita Municipal Airport terminal giving the city the label of “Air Capital of the World” as it was the busiest in the nation during its time. Today, the McConnell Air Force Base surrounds the terminal which has been transformed into the Kansas Aviation Museum. You could say it’s still a pretty busy location but not in the way one might think. Instead of being a place for the living, it has become a place for the dead. Current museum employees claim that doors slam on their own and they hear the sound of ‘happy’ voices when there’s no one else in sight. People also report hearing music that’s seemingly from a different time, and even a mysterious man in a 1940s style hat has been spotted. And out of the forty planes that remain there that you can examine, one of them is rumored to be haunted, potentially by the pilot who died in it…

The Sallie House in Atchison

Labeled as one of the most haunted homes in the United States, the Sallie House is infamous for the negative and possibly demonic activity that happens here. It started with a couple by the names of Tony and Debra Pickman when they rented the home. Things started to move on their own but eventually, it lead to something much darker when Tony began getting attacked and scratched by something they thought to be inhuman. They also reported seeing the spirit of a young girl throughout the home. Soon enough, they reached out for help and caught the attention of a psychic. He stated that a little girl by the name of Sallie resided here, giving an explanation for the sightings. She died from acute appendicitis by the hands of Charles Kenny (one of the former owners). Other activity includes sightings of dark figures, being scratched and attacked, and some have even experienced possession at the house. Read more on the Sallie House HERE.

The McInteer Villa in Atchison

By Ammodramus

Also located in Atchison is a historic, Victorian-style house built in 1889-1890 for Irish immigrant, John McInteer, who made a wealthy living by selling harnesses and saddles. He married twice and after his death, the home was inherited by the second. Today, they offer self-guided tours that allow you to explore the home at your own pace. But be mindful that you may not be alone, for the home is said to be one of many in Atchison that are known to be haunted. Doors are said to open and close on their own as well as ghosts making themselves known through EVP (electronic voice phenomenon often used frequently by paranormal investigators), and ghostly faces have also been captured in photos. Some people have also been touched by things unseen…

Sauer Castle in Kansas City

The Sauer Castle (although, it’s not actually a castle) was built in 1871 and belonged to Anton Sauer. He had married his wife at age eighteen and they had five children in the home. Even after they decided to move to New York City, five generations of the Sauer family resided there. But today, the home sits in ruin, abandoned and often vandalized. While there have been a number of ghost stories passed around but disproven, the mansion is still said to be haunted. People see strange light anomalies in the tower while others hear laughter, crying, and even shouting coming from the vacant home. Back in 1987 when the owners Cindy Jones, her husband, and her father-in-law lived there, they supposedly heard unexplained sounds and noises coming from the attic. The apparition of a woman is known to appear from time to time and the ghost of a young boy appears as well. Aside from the potential hauntings, it’s rumored that somewhere on the property, a treasure is buried or….bodies are buried on the property. There is also the possibility that mysterious tunnels run underneath the home…

The John Wornall House Museum in Kansas City

By User:Iknowthegoods, JBL

Built in 1858 by John B. Wornall, the home encaptures a Greek Revival style of architecture as intended. In 1864, during the Battle of Westport, both the Confederate and Union armies used the residence as an emergency hospital as amputations took place in the sitting room. Many of the wounded and dying soldiers were left on the floors, likely taking their last breath. Because of this, today, the home is believed to be haunted. People often experience something tugging on their pants while they walk (the dying soldiers still pleading for help?) and others state that there is a ghostly Union soldier standing guard in the home that refuses to move. Also, the silhouettes of two young girls in 1860s clothing are spotted in the yard. Many believe the girls to be the daughters of John and Eliza Wornall, as they died as children. Today, the home is a historic house museum where you can catch a glimpse of the history…and haunts.

Disclaimer: The information above is a combination of prior knowledge and research. No works were plagiarized, only referenced as a source of information. While anyone is welcome to comment, I attempt to make this a positive and friendly community where we can share our experiences. Any derogatory or negative comment(s) will be deleted. As always, reader discretion is advised.

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