The Haunted Mirror of Bela Lugosi

Known most famously for his role in Dracula, Bela Lugosi is also known to have been dabbling in the occult during his years. He would partake in the practice of scrying—peering into a reflective surface in an attempt to foretell the future. He would often use his mirror, studying it to try and capture a glimpse of his future reality as he used the mirror in other occult practices as well.

I became aware of this haunted object while watching an episode of Zak Bagan’s Ghost Adventures Artifacts (formerly Deadly Possessions). A former owner of the mirror came to Zak as her wish was to get rid of it, due to the malevolent activity she and her daughter had been experiencing. She openly discussed how her uncle had been murdered (by a close friend as she suspects) in front of the mirror as she believes it absorbed the dark energy of the event.

Her daughter had experienced a traumatic event with the mirror and didn’t wish to be on camera but her sister was willing to talk about what had happened. She very anxiously explained how a hand reached out to grab her from the mirror and felt as though she had been bitten on the neck as a shadowy figure appeared to her in the mirror. The sister also told Zak about how she had nightmares about the mirror as she slept in the same room with it and she would wake up with scratches all over her body.

The owner claimed that since she couldn’t sell it and couldn’t get rid of it, the haunted museum would be the perfect home for it. Zak being Zak, of course, he welcomed it, unnerved but with open arms. Though shortly after accepting the haunted mirror, the basement of the museum flooded unexplainably and as Zak investigated, he recorded the sounds of banging and rattling.

Do you believe an object can hold onto energy from a horrific event and cause a haunting? What do you think about Bela’s haunted mirror and the experiences these ladies shared? To me, it sounds like it could surely suck the life out of you…

I know this post was a little shorter than usual but I still hoped you enjoyed it! If you did and wish to support the blog, check out our Paranormal Ally Shop!

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