Spooky Books for the Spooky Obsessed

While I was on my much-needed break, I picked up an old hobby: reading! I had forgotten just how much I loved to read spooky tales and horror thrillers. And I know some of you guys love to read just as much as I do, so I created this page to share the books I have finished and enjoyed so far, cause maybe you’ll find something that jumps out at you!

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Note: the following photos contain Amazon affiliate links where if you make a purchase, I will make a small commission at no extra cost to you and it’s a great way to keep this blog going!

I honestly wasn’t sure if I would enjoy this one but if a book is recommended by Stephen King, then it has to be a good one! This disturbing ghost story takes place with a family moving to start a new life and a new chapter. But when they make the move, they start noticing but denying the strange happenings in their home. And after recovering a dark and sinister history, things get much worse. At $9, you really can’t pass up a story like this!

I have had this book for over a decade, and every now and then I’ll skim through and look into some of the most haunting and disturbing accounts and photos every taken in paranormal history. It is FULL of ghostly information and stories from real people in real places from all over the world. This is by far one of my favorite books and and I have a feeling you’ll want to take a peek at it too.

Whether people realize it or not, the paranormal is apart of the occult. But as many of you probably stray away from that word, there’s nothing evil or sinister about it as it simply translates to ‘unknown’. So if you love history, this book may be something you’d want to consider. With every page, there’s informational text and beautiful photos as well to fully encompass you in what happened in past centuries. It’s now on display in my home, along with the book below simply because of how beautiful they are!

If you’ve been able to come up with some type of conclusion about what I like to research from this blog, it’s death and the afterlife, obviously. Both aspects intrigue me so much and when I saw this book on an Instagram post, I couldn’t resist and whenever I see others post about similar books, I always recommend this one! Like the Occult Book, every page turn is surrounded with beauty and fascinating history.

I love cemeteries. I love the different tombstones, and the feeling you get when you wander around and see the dates and the names of those long gone. Cemeteries have always pulled me in, whether they’re new or old, I feel like there’s always something to see. This book not only mentions my favorite, Cave Hill Cemetery in Louisville, Kentucky, but it talks about some that I’ve never heard of before and now have on my cemetery bucket list. I’m curious to know how many of you guys have been to any of those listed in this book and which ones are your favorite!

As I said before, I love ghost stories, but I especially love Victorian ghost stories! This book is illustrated with spooky title pages followed by cryptic stories that have lingered around for years! I’m not done with this one yet but I already know I’ll be picking it back up very soon!

A supernatural specialist by the name of Greta Helsing….sound familiar? In the magnificent city of London, Dr. Helsing cares for those who remain hidden from the rest of the world, mummies, ghouls, even reptilian beings. But something threatens her way of life and those she cares for. She has to find a way to get her life back to…not so normal. A must have for any reader interested in the supernatural!

I used to not be a fan of books that were set back in the 1800s but now they’re one of my favorite type of books, as long as they have a bit of horror of course! The Hunger takes place in the mid 1800s where a wish to live a better life guides numerous families along the Oregon Trail. But when they start to receive warnings and hear about old Indian tales of man-hungry spirits, their trip starts taking a turn for the worst. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this book and it opened my mind to more historical horror books!

The more I read and enjoy, the more books that will make this post! I hope you guys liked this little book post and I wanted to announce, that I’ve created my own little Bookstagram account! Come and stop by!

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