International Spooks: The World’s Creepiest Islands

On Paranormal Ally, we've discussed some of the creepiest and spookiest places across the United States and the world. But I've never thought about how haunting islands could be as they are prone to seclusion and secrets. Who knows what stories they hold? Let's find out... Warning: the following post contain stories of murder and … Continue reading International Spooks: The World’s Creepiest Islands

Hauntings of Louisiana

Louisiana is quite famous for it's unique and memorable, jazzy heritage, attracting over 50 million yearly visitors (as of 2018). If you've been lucky enough to have visited or if you plan to take a trip in the future, don't forget about what else Louisiana is known for: the hauntings. There are dozens upon dozens … Continue reading Hauntings of Louisiana

Hauntings of Kentucky – My Home State

Before, I said that I grew up in the state of Indiana...which is still true. But I grew up on the border of both Indiana and Kentucky, or as locals say, 'Kentuckiana'. This will be a post that hits close to home...literally. Below are hauntings of Kentucky, a sweet-spot for my spooky, southern soul. Kentucky … Continue reading Hauntings of Kentucky – My Home State

The Most Haunted Roads and Highways

Do you ever find yourself seeing something strange on your daily commute or Sunday drive that you simply couldn't explain? Or you may think that roads and highways are odd places to be haunted and for paranormal activity to occur but with the high numbers in automobile accidents and wrecks, it really shouldn't come as … Continue reading The Most Haunted Roads and Highways

The Lemp Mansion and Brewery – Haunted History

Located in St. Louis, Missouri is the Lemp Mansion, completed in 1868. Not too far from the mansion is the Lemp Brewery. Both began with a family passion and legacy but throughout the years, darkness and death threatened to end what they worked so hard to build. Brief History In 1838, the Lemp family began … Continue reading The Lemp Mansion and Brewery – Haunted History

International Spooks: World’s Most Haunted Cemeteries

A little while ago, we took a look at the Top 10 Most Haunted U.S. Cemeteries. But let's venture out a bit further and take a tour to see what the world has to offer when it comes to creepy, haunted cemeteries. Rookwood Cemetery - Australia By Michael Rogers Known more commonly and officially as … Continue reading International Spooks: World’s Most Haunted Cemeteries

Haunted Waters of the World

When you think of haunted places, you likely think of a house, a cemetery, an old jail, or somewhere abandoned, not a body of water. While you are highly likely to experience the paranormal at those types of places, they’re not the only ones where you can capture evidence of the unknown. Rivers and other … Continue reading Haunted Waters of the World

Abandoned Asylums and Haunted Hospitals

Most of us in the paranormal world know about the dark history and twisted treatments that had previously taken place behind the doors of most mental institutions. Because of this, a lot of the abandoned asylums and hospitals that we hear about today are plagued by paranormal activity and why they are a go-to type … Continue reading Abandoned Asylums and Haunted Hospitals