The Conjure Chest

The list of haunted objects in the world goes on and on as more are discovered but the Conjure Chest is more than a haunted item as like the Dybbuk Box, it can cause death around those who own it. History of the Conjure Chest A century and a half ago, a slave was ordered... Continue Reading →

The Crying Boy Curse strokes...What are you thinking of? If you answered painting, you are correct. But I'm not talking about just any piece of art as this post will be about the haunting Crying Boy painting. What is the Crying Boy painting? The Crying Boy is now a mass produced print of the original art by Giovanni... Continue Reading →

The Dybbuk Box

Have you ever heard of a wine box that can cause death and chaos? If not, get comfortable as you read about this terrifying object and its history. Well, to start let's analyze what a Dybbuk is. A Dybbuk is a malicious and restless entity that can possess and haunt the living and is believed... Continue Reading →

Annabelle and Robert

Dolls have always had a reputation to be creepy and unsettling. But they're also known from time to time to contain evil and be a conduit for ghostly and demonic activity, as the stories of Annabelle and Robert are prime examples of how terrifying inanimate objects can be... Annabelle By Altor You likely know about... Continue Reading →

Ouija Boards

For decades, mediums, spiritualists, and those simply interested in communicating with the dearly departed have turned to the Ouija board to help them accomplish this goal. But while many claim the board is nothing to be afraid of, people still fear the possibility that who you are talking to may not be who you think... Continue Reading →

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