Haunted Waters of the World

When you think of haunted places, you likely think of a house, a cemetery, an old jail, or somewhere abandoned, not a body of water. While you are highly likely to experience the paranormal at those types of places, they’re not the only ones where you can capture evidence of the unknown. Rivers and other... Continue Reading →

The Origin of Krampus

Often described as a half-goat, half-demon in Central European folklore, he is an anthropomorphic being set to envoke fear and punish children who have misbehaved. Unlike Santa Claus, who rewards children for their wonderful attitudes, Krampus is...not so jolly, often being associated with negative punishment. Characteristics and Features Krampus is known to resemble a demonic... Continue Reading →

Abandoned Asylums and Haunted Hospitals

Most of us in the paranormal world know about the dark history and twisted treatments that had previously taken place behind the doors of most mental institutions. Because of this, a lot of the abandoned asylums and hospitals that we hear about today are plagued by paranormal activity and why they are a go-to type... Continue Reading →

Haunted Places in Kansas

Aside from the wizards and cowardly lions, Kansas is a very active state when it comes to haunted places. From the demonic Sallie House to the historic John Wornall House Museum, Kansas has plenty of history and haunts to offer...now prepare your salt circles! The Kansas Aviation Museum in Wichita By David G. Keith This... Continue Reading →

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