The Most Haunted Battlefields

Throughout history, there have been countless battles and wars, creating death and bloodshed that leaves a stain on the land. Many believe where there was a battle, there are ghosts. Follow along as I discuss some of the most haunted battlefields to date. The Battle of Gettysburg - Pennsylvania Known as the largest battle in... Continue Reading →

The Most Haunting Creepypastas

All of us spread stories to entertain and freak each other out. Whether they are horrific, terrifying, or plain disturbing, hundreds and thousands of these stories linger across the internet, accessible to anyone looking for a good scare. Creepypastas come in many different frightening forms as some involve the paranormal while others revolve around television... Continue Reading →

The Sallie House

While there are countless of haunted homes across the world, not many stick out quite like the Sallie House does as it's quite infamous for the negativity that lurks here. Known as one of the most haunted homes in America, the Sallie House is located on 508 North Second Street in the town of Atchison,... Continue Reading →

The Creepiest Places on Earth

The world can be a scary place. As Halloween is just around the corner, how about I remind you of the most terrifying and the creepiest places that our planet has to offer? Nagoro, Japan When you think of tiny villages, you would probably like to think that it would feel pretty homey and comfortable.... Continue Reading →

Spooky Salem

As Halloween approaches, there's one town that's on almost everybody's list: Salem, Massachusettes. It's a town full of infamous history, attracting visitors and tourists from all over the world. Besides the Salem Witch Trials, the town is known for its many haunted locations (not in any particular order). The Hawthorne Hotel In July of 1925,... Continue Reading →

Shadow People

Do you ever find yourself doing a double-take because you thought you saw something strange? Maybe it was a shadow or a mass you spotted within your peripheral. Or maybe, it looms over you in your bed at night. Shadow people are paranormal beings that are commonly referred to be the shadows you see out... Continue Reading →

The Hellfire Club

Money. Power. Time. What more could you ask for, right? It sounds like a luxurious life, one that most of us strive to achieve. But what would you do with it all? Travel? Spend time with your loved ones? You'd like to think than an endless trail of happiness and positivity would then follow. But... Continue Reading →

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