The Banshee

If you are unfortunate enough to hear the cry of this female spirit, your demise has been etched in fate. Yes, I'm referring to the Banshee and the legends that surround the paranormal entity. The Banshee is a female spirit from Irish folklore who makes herself known by her cries, wails, or shrieks. These distressing … Continue reading The Banshee

The Myrtles Plantation

It has been labeled as "one of America's most haunted homes," currently residing on a hill in Francisville, Louisiana. One thing is for certain, it is shrouded in its dark past. Read on to be immersed in the history of the Myrtles Plantation. Previously called the Antebellum Plantation, the Myrtles Plantation was constructed in 1796 … Continue reading The Myrtles Plantation

Eastern State Penitentiary

I figured it was about time to write about a paranormally active prison. And the Eastern State Penitentiary is the one to start on as it is one of my favorites! Eastern State Penitentiary is one of the most haunted prisons to this day as it holds the residual energy of its cruel past. And … Continue reading Eastern State Penitentiary

Haunted Castles of Ireland

To celebrate St. Patrick's Day and simply due to the fact that I love discussing Ireland, it's haunted castles, and the enriched history behind them, I have compiled a list of Ireland's most paranormally active/abandoned castles! Now enjoy some Irish history and Happy St. Patrick's Day to all! Ballygally Castle in County Antrim Photo (Unedited) … Continue reading Haunted Castles of Ireland