Haunted Places in Kansas

Aside from the wizards and cowardly lions, Kansas is a very active state when it comes to haunted places. From the demonic Sallie House to the historic John Wornall House Museum, Kansas has plenty of history and haunts to offer...now prepare your salt circles! The Kansas Aviation Museum in Wichita By David G. Keith This... Continue Reading →

The Most Haunting Creepypastas

All of us spread stories to entertain and freak each other out. Whether they are horrific, terrifying, or plain disturbing, hundreds and thousands of these stories linger across the internet, accessible to anyone looking for a good scare. Creepypastas come in many different frightening forms as some involve the paranormal while others revolve around television... Continue Reading →

Iowa Hauntings: Spooky and Creepy Places

Iowa is flooded with paranormal locations as most of them are already widely known and discussed in the paranormal field. Below are a handful of haunted hotspots in Iowa! The Villisca Ax Murder House Located in Villisca, Iowa, this famous house has a chilling history that leads to its modern-day hauntings. It was the location... Continue Reading →

Bigfoot, a Larger Than Life Cryptid

"Bigfoot spotted in the mountains!" and "Bigfoot caught on camera, *shocking*" Sounds familiar, right? That's because (aside from ghosts) Bigfoot is one of the most interesting and fascinating beings out there (or not out there, depending on who's reading this)! It's an incredibly popular legend, enticing thousands and thousands of people all over the world.... Continue Reading →

Origins of the Occult

In the paranormal world, it's not hard to find those who practice or partake in the occult. But what exactly is the occult? What 'practices' does it entail and when did the occult originate? What Does Occult Mean? Occult can be a bit tricky to define as almost everyone has a different meaning for the... Continue Reading →

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